Flynn Fine Art is a comprehensive arts services provider for artists, collectors, professionals and organizations. We help serious individuals and businesses at all levels further their vision and goals.

Flynn Fine Art was founded in 2015 by Clay Flynn as an independent consultancy dedicated to art’s specific creation, exhibition, distribution and care. In 2020 we expanded to include business development services for artists and galleries. In doing so, our goal is to promote the work of artists and estates and support them as they grow their career.

As an advisory, Flynn Fine Art’s objective is to help clientele responsibly steward the cultural heritage with which they have been entrusted. We implement high-quality, creative solutions tailored to a client’s needs by sourcing Clay’s experience in private collections, galleries, nonprofits and museums, as well as his diverse connections. Our areas of knowledge include photography, design, self-taught and contemporary art.

Clay Flynn is an arts professional with 15+ years of experience studying the nuances of art’s creation, histories and markets. Formally trained in the studio arts and art history, theory and criticism, and having led multiple creative businesses, Clay’s ability to bridge sectors, industries and interests allows him to understand clients from their many facets and advise well-rounded solutions.

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